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I am here to guide you through the shadows of your subconscious realms & into the golden light of your alchemised self! 


With the Galactic Mayan Calendar as our guide, I will teach you the medicine you’re here to bring, guide you to embody it and plug you into your highest, synchronistic timeline. 


Below you’ll find my latest offerings and events:



This offering is Fire!


13 weeks of 1:1 online coaching combining astrology, shadow work & mentoring to bring you to LIFE


Full details can be found below…



(payment plans available)


Arrange a free discovery call and let's see what we can cook up for you :)


A 121 session like no other! 2 hours - Zoom - £177

Personal Astrology

An in-depth look at your Galactic Mayan Astrology chart


Themes Of The Coming Year

What’s in store this year for your personal astrological code through the Mayan Calendar 


Shadow Work

Clearing around the themes of challenge revealed



Guidance around how and where to lean into for the energies predicted


Key Date Mapping

A list of key dates for the upcoming year, specific to your Galactic Mayan energy



Held in an etheric temple that exists in both Mu, Seraphim and my home star system of Ye’kuana


Reiki & Sekhem Lineages

Enter the mystery school & upgrade your frequency as you train as a multi-dimensional, professional and responsible energy healer. 


1:1 or group trainings available.


Prices begin at £200


Book a free call below and let's make a plan.


FYI: Reiki is a prerequisite qualification if you want to progress to Sekhem. I'm based in the North of the UK but if you gather folk, I'll travel anywhere.


Project Name

The Tzolkin Dreamspell calendar is an evolution tool that guides us through the 260 days/9 month cycle of human consciousness.


This cosmic diary offers a page a day for you to record your experiences of the 260 day Mayan cycle. 


Alongside a plethora of potent insights, creative prompts and inspiration, each day is marked with both the Gregorian and Mayan date for the 2023-2024 cycle to support you to understand who you truly are, through synchronising with Galactic Time.


What’s inside?


A detailed yet easy to understand introduction to Mayan astrology, it’s history and workings


An in depth exploration of the Mayan signs and tones


Potent guidance and insights for each wavespell and moon month


Beautiful channeled illustrations and poetry


Fantastic resources to expand your learning


A page for each day of the 9 month cycle plus extra pages to review and integrate your learning


Our new cycle and this diary begins on: 



EMBODY is a drop in sacred space for you to journey the Cosmic Clock.


Tuesday and Thursday morning at 7am (London time) we will meet for Morning Shake Ceremonies, setting up the day with some shaking, a sprinkle of EFT and a micro meditation.


Wednesday evenings at 8pm (London time) we will gather for Mayan Movement Ceremonies. We will tune into the energy on the Mayan Calendar for an evening ceremony which will include dance, followed by a chance to share & connect.


You can drop in and out as you like ☺️

 No pressure to attend all the calls. I know that mornings might not work in certain timezones.


The monthly subscription is £33 each month.


We begin on LIONS GATE, Tuesday 8th, for our first morning shake. But the container will open properly on Wednesday 9th during the evening ceremony.


To sign up, use the link below. This will create a subscription that will bill you each month. You can cancel anytime.

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