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I am Jyoti

I hold the New Earth energetic template, igniting passion & purpose through sharing new systems that lead adults and children to deeper levels of embodiment.


I’m here to orchestrate and guide the building of new thought forms & projects in the world, based in empowerment, sovereignty and mutual aid.


If you invite me, I will playfully nurture you to RISE into your full expression. Let’s create sparks together! 

There are two trunks to my service:


THE COSMIC CLOCK supports grown up humans to embody their multidimensional potential & live through the Galactic Mayan Calendar.

TOTO FUTURES is a collaboration project with my partner that encompasses all things children's rights, unschooling & creating spaces for young people to be free.

Learn more below.

I facilitate change on micro and macro levels. I would love to be part of the legend that is your unfolding.



I am a multidimensional coach & therapist, initiating people into Galactic Time with a multitude of offerings related to the Dreamspell calendar. 


Embodiment over education! I’m also here in deep devotion to and advocacy for young people. I spent 10 years researching self directed learning. In 2022, I birthed a book called What To Do About School and I support parents and children to carve a different path of childhood based in trust and empowerment. 

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