Hello, I'm Jyoti


I'm utterly devoted to kids and creating the space for them to grow organically, in alignment with themselves. As an author, researcher, playworker, therapist, children's rights activist, anarchist, advocate and all round shiny being, I'm here to inspire you to join the mission as we change the landscape of childhood and education for our kids. 

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Sending you deep love, fellow human. What a gift to be here for the moment Humanity rebirths itself! Welcome to the Age of COLLABORATION...



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Are you scratching your noggin and wondering what to do about school?

Maybe you don't believe in the mainstream approach, but don't really know what else is out there for your kids


Perhaps you're already doing things a bit differently and want a bit more inspiration


Or do you just know that something needs to change about children's education?

'What to do about School' is my life's work
It started as a postgraduate research paper

And has transformed into an inspiring book

To support parents, teachers and passionate people like YOU

Make informed decisions about how we educate young people

Empowering children is everything to me, heart and soul
And I spent a decade travelling the world

'Accidentally' visiting radical and phenomenal schools wherever I landed

From Goa, to Bali, Sydney, Los Angeles and all across the UK

The book is a translation of my formal and informal research

Woven together with my knowledge and experiences

As an academic, activist, playworker, support worker, Steiner/Waldorf teacher

And as a travelling, geeky, self-reflective, self-directed human being










The writing spans many realms

From politics to sociology, to history, education and play theory
With a sprinkling of philosophy and spiritual enquiry too

Supporting you to figure out what really matters when it comes to meeting young people's needs

And preparing them for grown up life in the modern world


If you're already wondering what to do about school

This book will inspire you, expand your perspectives and reveal the important elements to consider

In order to provide what children need and deserve...

The most awesome life possible!


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Many more project pots are on the stove for kids, families and educators alike - watch this space, one birth at a time...